Below are answers to many of the typical questions we get asked, we hope they are helpful and informative but should you want to know more about any particular aspect, please don't hesitate to contact us...


What are the maintenance requirements of a synthetic green?

All synthetic greens will require an element of maintenance. This will involve keeping the surface clear of debris, weed treatment and light manicuring. We are happy to advise you or your gardener on this process, alternatively talk to us about our fully managed maintenance program. We strongly believe prevention is better than cure.

Do the greens appear plasticky?

On the contrary, they look incredibly realistic. They have the appearance of the highest quality grass. Only under close inspection can you say for sure they are not real.

How well do the greens drain?

The design and installation of your green is key to good drainage with the addition of subtle channels built into the contours of the putting surface, just like a real green.

Are your greens sand-filled?

The majority of our greens are filled with silica sand; the sand is hidden and trapped beneath the bent tips of the grass fibres. You do not putt directly on it, nor would it blow, wash out or shift under normal use. However we don't restrict ourselves to one type of material or installation method, we purposely offer a range of solutions to match different circumstances and requirements.

How long will it take to install?

An installation can take anywhere from three days to four weeks. It depends on the greens size and design as well as the location and accessibility. We are sometimes dependent on the weather for certain stages of an installation.

How long will a synthetic green last?

Depending on the levels of use, abuse and care, a 10 – 15 year life expectancy is not unreasonable.