For areas that experience extreme weather conditions, grass areas frequently walked on, or areas where access to water or maintenance is difficult, Southwest Greens offer a solution with our synthetic lawn product.

Arriving soon in the UK, Southwest Greens' new range of synthetic lawns
for commercial areas and gardens.


With our extensive product knowledge, design skills and installation expertise we can realise your lawn and landscaping needs. We have the "know how" to handle even the most demanding terrain, slopes and contours.

Based on the same technology as our leading industry putting greens, Southwest Green's Landscape is a longer-bladed polyethylene product designed to simulate natural grass. Perfect for play areas and lawns as well as chipping areas, fringe and tee boxes.

This natural looking, natural feeling synthetic grass requires little or no maintenance, demonstrates superior "spring-back" and offers a softer feel than other synthetic products.

Our synthetic turf is so versatile that it can also be installed in driveways, outdoor areas in restaurants, gardens, school playgrounds, sport/athletic facilities and commercial and public park areas.

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