Below are answers to many of the typical questions we get asked, we hope they are helpful and informative but should you want to know more about any particular aspect, please don't hesitate to contact us...


Synthetic golf in your garden?

Practice at home can help the time-restricted golfer achieve lower scores on the course. The short game accounts for 64% of strokes in an average round of golf. Yet despite this most golfers practice on their driving instead of their short game.

A personal green at home provides entertainment for you, your family and friends. A well-designed green is an aesthetically pleasing landscaped feature to your garden.

Why have a putting green or short game area installed
in your Garden, Club, Range or Academy?

The latest generation of synthetic turfs match the best natural greens in terms of realism, aesthetics, usability in almost all weather conditions, 24-7, resistant to wear and pitch marks and typically less than 90% of the maintenance costs associated with natural greens.

Synthetic golf in your Hotel, Country Club and
other tourist and leisure facilities?

There are over 1 million golf club members in the UK and another 4 million regular golfers who are not members of a club. A third of which are classed as 'affluent' an ideal target market to encourage to stay or visit your establishment.

Why are artificial greens suddenly becoming popular?

Next-generation synthetic turf systems have recently gained widespread acceptance in numerous sports, including football, rugby and hockey. The same is happening in the golf industry, and the best synthetic greens are now as good as the best natural turf greens in terms of look, feel and playability.

Why do Pro Golfers use your synthetic greens
and not the real thing?

These golfers could afford any solution they want. They know our greens are just as realistic, but much more consistent, practical and resilient, so they opt for our synthetic solution every time. Visit our "Pros Choice" and view the footage.