Below are answers to many of the typical questions we get asked, we hope they are helpful and informative but should you want to know more about any particular aspect, please don't hesitate to contact us...


Do synthetic greens really play like natural grass greens?

The best ones certainly do. Try out some synthetic greens for yourself. Watch our 'Pros Choice' film footage, they clearly rate these synthetics surfaces very highly or our "Golf Solutions Chip and Putt video".

The fact is that the best synthetic greens can now match the look, feel and playability of the best natural greens, plus they have the added advantage of being consistent, resistant to the elements, pitch marks and so on.

Are all artificial golf greens the same?

Definitely not, and be very skeptical of anyone telling you otherwise. To illustrate the point, we fearlessly suggest that our prospective customers view other suppliers' greens as well as ours. Ideally not a show green 'Pimped' for your viewing, but an established customers' facility, providing a full picture of our services from design, information, installation, customer care, playability, longevity and aftercare. This is the best way to appreciate the differences in what's available.

There are several turf systems available and unlike some other suppliers we are not limited to just one, we are able to evaluate which turf system is best for the customer without any bias. Including first, second and even third cut fringes, chipping and tee line materials.

Combining these factors with knowledgeable installation (see Pro System) and design flair this will make a vast difference in the realism and appeal of a final green.

Does a synthetic golf green take a shot and react in a natural way?

If an appropriate solution such as our Pro System is used then yes, the synthetic greens have the bite, bounce and rollout of top quality natural greens. Reception of shots from 200 yards is possible, however this is not the case on all synthetic surfaces for golf.

Can I practice shots from different lies?

The fringe/light rough around your green can be finished to your specification and a variety of lies are possible, we can recreate any stance that you'd find on a golf course.