Over 30 PGA International Professional Golfers have chosen Southwest Greens as their desired golf green product, design and installer. We have handpicked a few Professional Golfers and Professional Golf Academies to demonstrate their individual story behind why they personally feel that Southwest Greens is the best…



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Quote: No matter what standard of golf you play, being able to make a couple more putts per round is going to make your golf more enjoyable. This product will definitely help you improve your game.  I would recommend Southwest Greens to anyone

Justin Rose


"I think a Southwest Putting Green for any professional golfer is an investment, we all spend money on coaches, physiotherapists all this sort of stuff, but spending a little money on a putting green to me is probably the best investment that you can make. Just giving yourself the opportunity to putt a couple more hours each day is going to translate in to your being a better player. Coming down the stretch your knocking one putt in can help yourself ten times over in the right tournament, for me as I said I think Southwest Putting Green is an investment in your golf game, no doubt."

"I'm really excited to have my Southwest Putting Green just installed here at my house and I think its going to be a case of watch this space, if you suddenly see my name creeping up the leader board you know I've been working hard on my putting green back home. It's something I certainly recommend to you whatever standard player you are. There is nothing worse than hitting a great iron shot on to the green and missing the birdie putt or hitting a good iron shot on to a long par 3 and putting for a bogey, so no matter what standard of golf you play, being able to make a couple more putts is going to make your game more enjoyable and this product can definitely help you do that."

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